Transcendent Media


We want to work with your budget! The best way to get an accurate price is to contact us and get a quote. But it’s nice to know what to expect. Here are general guidelines for our pricing:


Motion Graphics

$300 per 30 seconds of simple animation

$450 per 30 seconds of moderate animation

$600 per 30 seconds of complex animation

$100 extra for 4K(UHD) resolution

$100 extra for a voiceover

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$600 for a 30 second video

$800 for a 60 second video

$1,000 for a 90 second video

$400 per extra day of filming (each package comes with one day of filming)

$100 extra for 4K(UHD) resolution

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$200 for one logo in color, black, and white

$50 extra for original .ai file

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Social Media Campaign

$1,000 gets you, 4 simply animated 30 second motion graphic videos, 4 memes, and 4 text-based posts. This, and all packages, can be customized to your needs.

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